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Features and Benefits:
● Spray pattern: 360 degree rotating cleaning;
● Thread size: 3/4" female thread (or 1/2" female), NPT/BSPT;

● Material is SS;

● Tank diameter is below 6.1M and can pass through the smallest 53mm tank mouth;
● Working pressure from 1 bar to 16 bar;

● With 3 flat fan spray nozzles installed in the operable, rotated spray head
By using the rotational power of the fluid;
● Precisely positioned spray head;
● 316 stainless steel axle bearing and collar ring ensure long wear life
  and Teflon is also the nozzle making material;
● High impact cleaning, maximum jet pressure is up to 7 bar.

STW.4 Series 360° Rotating Clean Spray 1/2" or 3/4" SS

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