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Using the reaction force generated by the cleaning liquid to make the ball head rotate, the spray ball adopts solid matter.
  Scientifically designed to provide 360° coverage cleaning with flow nozzles and concentrated cleaning.
jet flow with impact force and vortex function. Reactive force of the cleaning fluid rotates the Model
  Rotating teflon spray nozzle. When combining multiple solid flow hole configuration of nozzle and
This rotary action is a solid flow spray for fast and effective automatic cleaning of tanks, containers.
containers and equipment are produced.

Since there is no need for an external power source to rotate the nozzles. They are particularly well suited for:
clean systems in place. Teflon spray head delivers outstanding performance in low pressure cleaning
  and applications are increasing.

STW.30 Series PTFE Teflon Rotary Tank Cleaning Nozzle

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