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Excellent mechanical effect:
Combining pressure and flow to produce a powerful pulse jet that has an effect several times greater than the effect of other jets
  products and can achieve a larger cleaning distance and range. Kinetic energy of wash water flow
  Produced by the pressure of the high pressure pump, it can effectively remove the residue on the container wall.
Low leakage:
3% of the leakage and 97% of the cleaning liquid is used for cleaning, so the 3D rotary tank washer can maximize
It takes advantage of mechanical force and resists time, chemical reaction and
heat. IBC 3D rotary tank washing devices save water, time and energy.
Model configuration is standardized:
All parts are precisely machined, parts of the same model are highly interchangeable and maintainable
It is simple and convenient to ensure effective cleaning.
Perform 3D cleaning:
Accurate, repeatable, reliable and tight spray trajectory, directional impact, 360 degree spherical full
coverage and 3-5 minute cleaning time reduces tank downtime; reduces resource consumption and
according to this; reduces sewage treatment costs; cleaning and cutting of the base; reducing its use

STW.19 Series IBC Totes Cleaning Jet Head, IBC Cleaning Nozzle

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