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The "3D Nozzle" is a self-rotating nozzle unit used to clean polymerization tanks, reactors, spray dryers and various other tanks.
  The cleaning head rotates due to the reactive force of the high-pressure water spray, thoroughly cleaning the inside of the tanks.
  360 Liquid Powered Tank Cleaner
High Pressure Cleaning Head

The washer drives the impeller through the cleaning fluid, and the impeller operates the internal deceleration mechanism.
The transmission mechanism works according to the adjusted trajectory to create a 360-degree spray pattern to achieve a full tank cap.

Optimized structural design makes the water jet have greater effect.
  Perfect sealing design, 1% of leakage water to save more cleaning fluid.
  The powerful, high-pressure water jet can effectively remove stubborn dirt.
  People do not need to enter the limited space, which greatly reduces labor intensity, improves the working environment,
  and prevents safety hazards.

STW.10 Series High Pressure Tank Cleaning Heads, Self-propelled Tank Cleaner

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