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Model: STW.1 Series Jeep rotary spray balls
Material: 316L SS
Connection: BSPP, Clip-on, Welded
Roller: Double Ball Bearing
Heat: 130°
Setup: Working in all directions is possible
filtration: 50 mesh mesh line strainer
APPLICATION: Upgrading and cleaning the tank or equipment

one: Double bearing design with excellent rotation effects and better stability
and longer lasting bearing.
2: Self-cleaning, self-lubricating design.
3: Working at low pressure, low liquid consumption.
4: 360 degree self-rotating cleaning head cleans everywhere
your containers.
5: Compact and hygienic design meets the requirements of use in Jeep
6: Driven and lubricated by cleaning fluid.

STW.1 Series CIP Rotary Spray Ball, Tank Cleaning Spray Balls

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